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Increase your sales & profitability on Amazon

Proudly Owned & Operated by Women in the USA

Grow your Amazon business

We are a full-service Amazon agency and offer services for every phase of the business cycle. Our experience and technology help you grow with product development, SEO, advertising, logistics and more.  Here’s how we help you succeed:


Develop winning products

Design products that will succeed on Amazon. Optimize pricing, packaging, pack-out, and identify new products that your customers will love based on buying behavior and trends.


Establish your brand

Register via Amazon Brand Registry to protect against unauthorized sellers and reduce your risk of infringement. Build your branded storefront to drive organic traffic.


Create high-converting content

Generate more sales with enhanced A+ content, multimedia, and optimized listings to engage and excite customers. Leverage Amazon SEO to gain traction in product searches and boost your product rankings.


Optimize your advertising

Scale your sales with effective and targeted Amazon ads that build awareness, drive sales, and grow customer loyalty. 

Selling on Amazon is in our blood

Mile High Online isn’t just an Amazon brand manager and marketing agency; we’re a seller, too. We’ve worked as a wholesale reseller and registered a private label brand via Amazon Seller Central. We’ve generated millions in revenue since our founding, and we continue to grow.  Put our experience to work for you.

Today, we manage brands of all sizes on Amazon – from start-ups, to multi-million dollar enterprises. No matter your stage of business, our team will help you meet – and exceed – your goals.

Our Partners


Our Brands

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How we help you win

We’re a nimble, family-owned business, and we provide personalized account management. That means 1-on-1 advising, custom strategies, and seamless communication. When you work with us, you’ll get access to an experienced manager who works to understand your brand inside and out.



We learn about your products, category and competition, then study your customer buying behaviors. We use this analysis to estimate sales potential and identify opportunities for growth and improvement.



We pinpoint areas of potential improvement and help you build a sales and marketing plan for short-term and long-term growth.



We put your growth plan into place, optimize listings, develop winning A+ content, improve product packaging, and build an advertising plan to drive new sales.



We use growth-hacking strategies to increase and maximize your sales. Our goal: Establish processes and marketing that help your sales “snowball,” with compounded growth over time. 



We monitor sales, revenue and profit data to help you refine and improve. We also provide continued support and optimization to sustain long-term growth.

We want to hear from you

How can we help you win on Amazon? Fill out the form, and Mile High Online will be in touch shortly to discuss partnership opportunities!

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