We represent companies on Amazon.com via brand management. Our clients range from startups to 9-figure enterprises, so no matter the stage of your business, we will push to surpass your goals. Join our family!

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A motto inspired by Jeff Bezos; we live by it. Our belief is to simply outwork the competition. In a fast-paced world, we stay cutting-edge by relentlessly pursuing our endeavors no matter how minute. We stay true to integrity, and remain obstinate on behalf of our brand families.


Like an athlete, attaining peak shape is one thing, but maintaining peak-performance is another. We understand the time, dedication and sacrifice required for continuing success. We let our track-record speak for itself. 

Track Record

Some businesses brag about having "dedicated teams," but not us. We are proud to be small and efficacious.


We are efficient, focused, and provide customized service.


Let's meet face-to-face!


Ready to Launch

Launch New Products or Brands on Amazon

With each passing year, launching new listings on Amazon becomes more difficult. 

Do you understand the steps, risks, and necessary evils involved with unproven products? 

Allow Mile High Online to guide and direct your launch.


From product design to Amazon Brand Registry, we can posture products and brands for success.

Optimize Listings

Great Listings Yield Better Results

Online customers cannot touch products before purchase; therefore, it is crucial to re-create this experience by optimizing images and videos.

Online customers will never buy a product they cannot find. It is paramount, then to establish connections with customers interested in our products with attractive content and simple searchability.

More customers are using mobile devices to shop online more now than ever before. Take advantage of perfecting listings with mobile-view in mind.

Develop Strategies

Short-Term and Long-Term 

Obstacles and opportunities will vary with each business. This warrants individualized, flexible tactics.

Pain-points often drive innovation; in the same way, quick success can paralyze the supposed need for improvement. standardized operations can limit these biases.

Therein, complex strategies are imperative to guide healthy growth and sustained success of online brands.

Brand Registry

Registered Trademarks Grant Additional Protections and Opportunities

Are your trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trade Office (USPTO) ?

USPTO trademark search:


Brands registered with USPTO and GS-1 are eligible for Amazon Brand Registry.

Take advantage of brand protections, additional advertisement capabilities, videos, portfolio reports, and more.

Tell a story with Amazon Storefronts.

Track customer purchasing behavior insights and future product suggestions.


Regulate re-sellers, listing content, and intellectual properties.  


A Survival Tool For the Jungle

Create an individualized brand strategy to optimize advertising operations.


Discover new customers by targeting novel markets based on data-driven recommendations.

Retain loyal customers with sensible and convenient search results.

Increase brand visibility with product-targeting, brand outreach, and other detailed options.

Control ad-spend and optimize advertising profitability with self-learning software and macroscale oversight.

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