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Introducing MHO Containers, a Mile High Online Brand

In our history, we’ve helped our partners succeed on Amazon and have gained valuable experience into what it takes to grow a brand from scratch (on Amazon and off).

In addition to working with our valued partners, we also manage a number of our own brands.

One of our Mile High Online brands is MHO Containers.

We launched MHO Containers, as there was a need in the marketplace on Amazon. With MHO Containers, we strive to provide high-quality wholesale plastic bottles, jars and cosmetics containers to consumers, DIYers and small businesses.

In addition to finding success on Amazon with MHO Containers, we’ve also developed a standalone store for the brand.

About the MHO Containers Brand

MHO Containers offers a variety of wholesale refillable plastic jars, bottles and packaging solutions. For MHO Containers, the key is quality. In addition to using only paraben- and BPA-free plastics, the majority of the brand’s products are made from recyclable PET and PP plastics.

Plus, MHO Containers has also introduced a range of sustainable plastic products, like these hemp plastic jars.

MHO Containers offer products in a range of collections, including:

  • Cosmetics ContainersThis collection includes a variety of cosmetics containers, including 0.15oz sample jars, empty lip balm tubes, and refillable 3.5oz jars.

  • Storage Containers – This collection includes a range of jars, as well as empty metal paint cans, plastic jugs and more.

  • Health & Beauty – This collection includes cosmetics jars, as well as the best-selling 20-count 2oz empty hand sanitizer bottles and the reusable foaming soap dispenser bottles.

Wholesale Plastic Jars and Bulk Packaging Solutions

MHO Containers is your source for wholesale packaging. If you have a need for packaging for your products, let us know!


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