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We're Using RestockPro for Better FBA Inventory Management

Mile High Online was recently featured on Check out the article here: "How RestockPro Saves Mile High Online 20+ Hours Per Week."

We manage a number of brands - on Amazon and off - including OraLabs Inc., Busy Bird, Simply Unwined, Predator International Inc., Nano Botanix and Slice of the Moon. And we've grown quickly over the last three years, nearly tripling the number of products we sell. That growth has made logistics a challenge to manage.

Fortunately, we're happy we found RestockPro, an inventory management tool that has helped us become more efficient with inventory management on Amazon.

What Is RestockPro?

RestockPro is an FBA inventory management platform, which provides data-driven restock recommendations for FBA sellers.

A key reason we began using RestockPro is that, as we grew, inventory management became ever more complex. We more than tripled the number of products we were selling, from 50 to 300+, and that growth made managing logistics a time-intensive task.

Michael, Mile High Online's Operations and Logistics Manager, was spending 20+ hours per week performing daily inventory tasks and calculations. Thanks to RestockPro, we've improved efficiency - inventory tasks now take a fraction of the time - and thanks to that efficiency, we're maximizing profitability for our partner brands and freeing up more productive time for Michael.

Want to learn more about RestockPro? Read the case study on for specifics on how we use inventory management software, key benefits for Mile High Online, and some of the tasks we use RestockPro to perform.


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