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SKU: OL_chalice_24
  • SOOTHES, PROTECTS, MOISTURIZES: Soothing benefits from Aloe, skin protection from broad spectrum SPF, and moisturizes via from vitamin E (tocopherol).
  • INCLUDES: 12 count Moisture SPF-15, 12 count Cherry SPF-4 (24 total tubes)
  • HIGH QUALITY; LOW COST: Enjoy the benefits of Chap-Ice lip balm at half the price of the competition! All ingredients are sourced responsibly and manufactured in a regulated facility. Don’t waste money on expensive brand names, buy Chap-Ice today!
  • PERFECT FOR: Gifts including give-aways, promotions, gift bags. This set includes 24 tubes, so you can place them anywhere and everywhere. One way to avoid misplacing lip balm is to always have back-ups.
  • GRAVITY FEED: display is perfect for point of sale and can be refilled. Whether you are a reseller or bulk consumer, this gravity feed is perfect for you.