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  • PANTENE FRIZZ-IRON is the first of its kind. It uses NO heat or water, and can be used on all hair types. Apply as often as needed without the worry of damaging hair. Its refreshing scent will leave you feeling more confident than ever
  • FRIZZ & FLYAWAY CONTROL to combat humidity and dry climates. Straightens, smoothes, moisturizes and shines. Formulated to remove the frizz of any hair type. Take frizz control to a new level of portability by leaving hair accessories at home.
  • ON-THE-GO design allows use in any situation. Whether you’re traveling, or prepping last minute, this Frizz-Iron can come to the rescue. It is great for storage in gym bags, purses, backpacks, or luggage.
  • NON-GREASY, NO MESS formula is alcohol free. Have peace of mind when using on your styled or colored hair. Works on straight or curly hair types.
  • DIRECTIONS: Remove protective cover from Frizz-Iron. Gently close Frizz-Iron around hair, press lightly and glide over hair from top to ends. For areas around roots, open Frizz-Iron to a flat position and gently apply. Replace Frizz-Iron protective cover to store for later. Lasts 6-8 weeks with average daily use.